Leilani Wolfgramm

Leilani Wolfgramm is an American Tongan singer songwriter from Orlando Fl. she got her start performing at Sea World Polynesian luau dinner show at age 7. She started singing at age 9 after her mom gave her a Patsy Cline record. Started writing at 13 after her uncle gave her a Pau Simone record and picked up a guitar at age 14 after her brother gave her a No doubt record. She joined her brothers reggae band in 2012, went solo 2014 and was signed to Raleigh Publishing 2016. Her style is lyrically driven accompanied by island rhythms and moody vocals. Leilani has played with Ziggy Marley Sublime with Rome Incubus Dirty Heads Soja Common Kings and more.. her influences include Bob Marley Bob Dylan and Lauryn Hill

“I choose reggae because Bob Marley showed me a song can change the world i choose folk because Bob Dylan showed me a song can change your mind and i choose r&b because Lauryn Hill showed me a song can change your heart and a girl can be better than the boys.”